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IOREC 2021: 5th International Off-grid Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition


The International Off-grid Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition (IOREC) is a flagship event of the International Renewable Energy Agency and acts as the global platform for sharing experience and best practices on design and implementation of enabling policies, tailored financing schemes, innovative business models and technology applications for stand-alone and mini-grid systems. It is convened every two years, with the first four editions of the event taking place in Accra, Ghana in 2012, followed by Manila, Philippines in 2014, Nairobi, Kenya in 2016, and Singapore in 2018.

The fifth edition of IOREC will take place virtually from December 7 to December 9, 2021. The event will present a key opportunity to discuss the measures necessary to accelerate off-grid systems deployment, discussing enabling policies, financing schemes, innovative business models and technology applications, and highlighting the role of off-grid renewables in meeting several Sustainable Development Goals. This year’s programme will focus particularly on this latter aspect, shining a light on the how off-grid renewable energy solutions can positively contribute to improving livelihoods and providing much needed electricity for powering critical services and social infrastructure pertaining to agri-foods, water sourcing, education, clean cooking and even in achieving their Nationally Determined Contributions. In particular and as a follow-up to the first International Conference on Renewable Energy Solutions for Healthcare Facilities held in 2018, IOREC will also host a session on the crucial role of off-grid renewables for healthcare.

The Alliance for Rural Electrification is the official Industry partner of the upcoming IOREC and will coordinate virtual networking between interested participants from across the off-grid renewable energy sector.

Event registration and programme is now available here.


For more information about the Conference please contact:

  • IRENA Headquarters

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    United Arab Emirates

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  • Aliance for Rural Electrification

    Ms. Ling Ng

    Communications & Marketing Officer

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    1040 Brussels, Belgium